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Good Morning Fútbol

‘Good Morning Soccer’ | The CEO of Dortmund confirms Haaland’s clause AND Marco Asensio talks about his future and does not clarify it

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Last program of the week with a review of the Europa League and how are the drums to play the next phase. We tell you how Villarreal qualifies for eighths of Champions. Mathematics give Madrid’s most likely rival Chelsea and later PSG. The reinforcements of Barça in January that come from home. The CEO of Dortmund confirms the famous clause of Haaland that would be activated in spring. Marco Asensio He talks about his future and does not clarify it. Anger among the Chelsea squad for the non-renewal of Azpilicueta. The former Barça player Paulinho will return to Corinthians He is also directed by the former Barça player Silvinho and the team where he already played in Brazil.

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