The unfortunate episode of racism experienced last weekend at Mestalla, with fans uttering racist insults to vinicius, continues to star in sports gatherings. This Tuesday, Josep Pedrerol and his team recalled the attack Marcelo received at the Calderón (“You’re a monkey”, they yelled at him) and the opinion of Gonzalo Miro In this regard, he has left tweeters ojipláticos: “That is not racism.”

The tertulian, son of the remembered TVE councilor Pilar Miró, has argued: “I was in the field but it did not embarrass me. I did not sing it, but they are things that are said to destabilize the enemy. It is not racism, just like Luis Aragonés calls Luiz Pereira ‘black’ and he does it affectionately”. Pedrerol had to reply: “Man, Marcelo was not affectionately called ‘monkey’.”

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Miró’s words have generated great controversy on social networks, where he has received thousands of criticisms.