With the passport for him Qatar World Cup in the pocket, after Spain managed to finish first in the group by beating by the minimum Sweden and Greece, returns a league interrupted for the third time in three months by international stoppages. While those responsible for such a calendar fill their pockets, the fan swallows hopelessly until a new way arrives to give another turn of the screw to the goose that lays the golden eggs that is football. The best news in addition to the moderate success of the Luis Enrique, was to see The Cartuja It is full thanks to the ticket prices, and when you can watch a game for 10 euros, people cheer up. It is not to discover the gunpowder, but it should serve so that it is not a unique case.


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On Saturday the Athletes with the uncertainty of knowing if he will be able to solve the defensive problems that point to point move him away from his head more than he should. Come back Llorente and Lemar, two alleged headlines who are going to have to show their best version to get players like From Paul O Griezmann, who are justifying their signings with good performances. Blessed problem for him Cholo losing hours of sleep for not knowing who to leave on the bench, when the real drama is the number of goals the team is conceding.

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Luis Suárez, Atlético de Madrid player, with the Uruguay national team.

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