The daughter of Jose Ortega Cano He has said enough after the last controversy in which he has been involved. Glory Camilla public a video in which he laughs while his housekeeper picks up his dog’s feces on the street and sparked a wave of criticism that has now led him to make a drastic decision.

Through a statement on Instagram, the young woman has announced that from now on her social networks will be in the hands of her lawyers so that they can identify the people who have “insulted” her and even “threatened to death”.

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“After seeing the latest events related to Ms. Gloria Camila Ortega, and being affected by various manipulated and distorted news, which have led to negative behaviors such as insults, death threats, harassment and discrimination by various users of various existing social networks, that when obtaining names and surnames, he finds an address which registers a direct location, we inform of the following”, begins the letter that he has shared.

“This social network will be made available to our client’s lawyers, in order to carry out a more in-depth study, and to be able to report to the Police those users who have lacked the morality of our client and the legality of the use of said network,” they explain. .

“Any video related to whose subject and has been disseminated in a vexatious manner will also be studied with determination. Any user, account, or social network that harasses a person by carrying out insistent and repeated actions, thus altering the normal development of their daily life, is not exempt from a criminal punishment of 3 months to 2 years or a fine of twenty-four months”, they warn.

Gloria already clarified the controversial video a few days ago and said that with Marina, the person who works with her and her father, they are used to “biting” and making these kinds of “jokes”. “Marina and I have a 16-year relationship, we both know each other perfectly and we have joke videos. I’ve freaked out a bit because of the thin skin that some people have. I would never laugh at Marina or anyone else,” she defended.