The Girona wins in Anduva by 1-2 with so many of Nahuel and Santi Bueno and achieves his third win of the season when he needed it most. Míchel’s men, who have already improved against Huesca, managed to go to rest with 0-2 and ended up suffering with Roger Brugué’s 1-2 in the final stretch.

The Girona could not fail. Michel, whom the club had never argued with, was beginning to feel nervous. The team needed three points to avoid falling further into the pot. The system change that already occurred against Huesca improved the image, but it did not help the team to score. The start did not promise. The Mirandés pressed in the exit of the ball and the Gironans could not find the formula. However, magic appeared to advance Míchel’s. Baena leaked a pass to the back of the defense so that Samu, with great tranquility, gave in so that Nahuel, to empty door, define. The goal was a tremendous injection of energy for Girona, who three minutes later struck again after a header from Santi Good that ended in a goal after an error by Raúl. The two goals of difference gave tranquility and confidence to the visitors, who turned the suffocation of the start into despair for the rojillos.

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Samu Saiz and Álex Baena shone in the midfield. The MirandésAs a local, he was forced to react. The attempt to take a step in front of the reds gave the Girona the spaces necessary to damage the kickback. Borja García had it for the third, and the Mirandés forced Juan Carlos to save with a shot from far from Hassan. Roger Brugué, who had been a substitute, received up front and, without thinking, carried his left leg to send the ball to the back of the net. In 91 ‘the Mirandés tied, but the VAR canceled it at the hands of Vicente.




Mirandés: Raúl; Carrera (Gelabert, min.82), Onaindia, Arroyo, Letic; Álex López, Messeguer; Riquelme (Roger Brugué, min.58), Moreno Barroso (Hassan, min.58), Íñigo Vicente; and Marquis (Camello, min.66).
Girona: Juan Carlos; Well, Bernardo, Juanpe; Arnau Martínez, Aleix García, Jairo (Valery, min.68), Borja García (Darío Sarmiento, min.82), Álex Baena (Ureña, min.82); Samu Saiz (Ibrahima Kebé, min.60); and Nahuel Bustos (Stuani, min.68).
Goals: 0-1, min.25: Nahuel Bustos, 0-2, min.28: Santi Bueno, 1-2, min.81: Roger Brugué
Member: A. Quintero (Andalusian Committee). He admonished the locals Álex López (12 ‘), Arroyo (76’), Íñigo Vicente (85 ‘) to the visitors Baena (66’), Darío (89 ‘)
Stadium: Anduva Stadium. Match corresponding to the eleventh day of the Smartbank League.

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