After a season without advertising on the shirt, Girona FC will once again show sponsorship in their kits. The Catalan team announced this morning the agreement it has reached with its new main sponsor.

It will be the local company ‘Gosbi', specialized in animal nutrition, who will stamp his image on the red and white shirt. The new sponsor will be present in the game and training apparel of the first team, as well as the Academy, Women's Soccer, Genuine and Veterans teams.

The agreement is for the next three seasons and includes wearing different slogans related to the values ​​of the company, which aims to normalize and disseminate comprehensive respect for the animal world.

Gosbi will be the new main sponsor of Girona.
Gosbi will be the new main sponsor of Girona.

According to the president of Girona, Delfí Geli: “The agreement is a great satisfaction, since it allows the club to be linked with a currently growing company from Girona and which will also allow Girona to get involved in promoting defense and respect for the animal world”.

End to the bookmakers:

The company ‘Gosbi’ will take over -with a year without advertising through- the brand MarathonBet, which was Girona's main sponsor for two seasons, 18-19 in the First Division and 19-20.

Thus, Girona is distancing itself with its links with bookmakers, a sector that the Government wants to regulate more and more to avoid addictive behaviors such as gambling.

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