Miguel Angel Gil Marin, CEO of Atlético, has been reunited with the heavyweights of LaLiga and other Spanish clubs in the Delegate Commission. Almost two weeks after the birth of the Superliga, in which the rojiblancos participated and three days later they left. With calmer spirits, he was present at a summit that involved the return of the public to the stadiums. The objective of LaLiga is to do so as soon as Health gives them the go-ahead, with the date of May 9 (when the State of Alarm is lifted) indicated in red on the calendar, and with the intention of recovering a source of financing. But, for now, the employers say that we have to wait. It remains without a definitive date.

With the rate of vaccination and immunization in Spain increased and with a cumulative incidence of positives more or less controlled, LaLiga continues to try to reopen stadium doors to fans. As it happens in the non-professional categories of soccer and in other sports. But now it's time to wait. The employer has been working on a protocol for a year for when the fans can get back to the fields and they affirm that they are ready to carry it out when they give them the authorization. LaLiga works for this with the Government, through the Higher Sports Council, and with the Ministry of Health. It will be said institution that says when it is possible, although there are no indications that the announcement will be imminent and it is not possible to guess which day, of the remaining five, the step will be taken. Although there is a date marked in red on the calendar and that can be decisive: May 9. On that day the Alarm Status ends.

From the CSD, consulted by ACE, they see the return of the fans imminently hasty and point out that we have to wait. Although they see it as an opportunity and an attractive formula to send a message to the rest of the world and tourism. A message that Spain is returning to normal and is a safe place. Above all, now that the summer tourism campaign is about to start. For this reason and knowing the measures and protocols developed by LaLiga, the return in the final section is seen with good eyes as long as it is little by little and with a not very high percentage of fans in the stands.

The Executive Committee on Wednesday has continued working on this matter. Waiting for the call from Health and Government so that they can open their doors, formalities of the protocol and the modus operandi What should they bring on this return? of the fans. There has been talk again of the possible percentages for the reopening, of how the arrival of fans should be and avoid possible crowds that pose a health risk. The clubs and LaLiga are meeting weekly to have everything tied up.

This morning's summit was also marked by the reunion of Gil Marín with the rest of the members of the Delegate Commission. Some voices asked a week ago for his resignation as vice president of LaLiga for having participated in the Super League, a competition that Spanish clubs consider a threat to the football ecosystem. A week later, spirits have cooled, although some club is still upset for having adhered to such a project despite Tebas defending him in his day: “Miguel Ángel has not been in any clandestine meeting. Atlético has been called to join “. Some statements that were given after an informative meeting with the 39 First and Second Division clubs that would not participate in the Super League (Madrid, Barcelona and Atlético were not invited to the summit because they were part of it) and that signed a manifesto rejecting the creation of such a competition.

Gil Marín will remain on the LaLiga Executive Committee as vice president. Body in which they are also present Javier Tebas, as president, Javier Fernandez, as vice president, Pepe Guerra, Carlos Crespo, María José López, the members of Primera Division (Real Sociedad, Sevilla, Betis, Levante, Eibar and Villarreal) and those of Second (Espanyol, Lugo, Tenerife, Girona, Albacete and Las Palmas).