The Extremaduran Gil Manzano, referee of the Sevilla-Athletic, wrote in the minutes that he showed the yellow card to Julen lopetegui Before the latter's insistence that he explain his application of the regulations in a party action, logically, Balenziaga's hand to the center of Jesús Navas in the area that neither the collegiate nor the VAR decided to designate as a penalty or review.

This yellow card will prevent the Sevilla coach from sitting on Valdebebas's bench in next Sunday's duel against Real Madrid, a shock that can determine whether the Andalusians re-engage in the possibility of improving their current fourth place or if they permanently forget about their dream. of rubbing shoulders with the greats.

Gil Manzano writes in the minutes of the match that “in the 90th minute, coach Lopetegui Agote, Julián, was cautioned for the following reason: once the match was over and I was still on the pitch, said coach addressed me to greet me. taking advantage of this moment to explain an action of the party. After telling him to go to the changing room tunnel and there I would comment on any questions he had, he continued with his insistence that he explain the action at that moment, seeing me as obliged to show him the yellow card ”.

Lopetegui, for his part, defends that he did not go to recriminate any action, but rather that he approached him to shake his hand. “I am not asking the referee for explanations. I gave him his hand and he got me yellow. There has been nothing else. I did not say anything. And he has taken me the fifth yellow. There has been nothing more than that. He did not deserve the warning because I did not ask him for an explanation. We have all seen the play and it is a very clear penalty ”, explained the coach after the game.

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