Rumors of romance between Gigi Hadid y Leonardo DiCaprio they are getting stronger. This Saturday, the paparazzi managed to photograph them leaving a New York restaurant, although, to mislead, they first left and one and a while later the other.

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according to account Pase SixThey were not alone, but a friend of the actor accompanied them. The three met for dinner at Cipriani, one of the Italian celebrity favorites in the Big Apple.

When leaving, both the model and the film producer also tried to hide with the help of the security team of the place. DiCaprio tried to go unnoticed by hiding himself with a cap and a black mask and Gigi, for his part, did what he could by covering himself with her scarf.

The first photos of the two, which sparked dating rumors, were in the middle of New York Fashion Week, and then they were seen very affectionate in Milan, according to the American press. “Gigi and Leo have been seeing each other and are very interested in each other, but are trying to keep things private and not show too much of themselves while hanging out,” a source revealed to Entertainment Tonight.

“Gigi is aware of Zayn’s feelings and doesn’t want to be disrespectful to him with their new relationship. Gigi and Zayn just want what’s best for each other,” she added. The sister of Bella Hadid she ended her relationship with her daughter’s father in September 2021 after six years together. the actor of Titanicfor his part, he broke up with Camilla Monroe last August. Which fueled the theory that Leo does not date women over 25, and would be making the exception with Hadid, who is 27.