Gianmarcoex de Adara Molinero, has meetings with high-level women in exchange for very exclusive gifts. As reported from the program Fiesta this Saturday September 30th.

Although those involved are of legal age (they are between 50 and 70 years old), relatives are concerned about the high cost of the gifts. “They give him all kinds of expensive things, even jewelry worth 1,400 euros,” they say from the aforementioned program.

Also, since Fiesta They claim: “They see each other in luxurious places, in the capital of Madrid, and not with a single person. They would meet with high-level ladies who, in exchange for this sympathy, receive gifts, not just jewelry. It has gone from being gifts to be a requirement.”

Omar Suarez, the collaborator who leaked this information, reveals that these women idolize Gianmarco. “For them, he is the pretty boy. The ladies have come to tell their families that he loves them more than his own daughter. They give him gifts and he lets himself be loved, but he demands certain gifts that are very expensive,” he says.