He Getafe is insisting to get the assignment of Victor Mollejo for next season. The Azulón club, next to the Eibar, was the one who is putting the most interest to have the youth squad Atlético de Madrid next course. After his good season at Deportivo, which has not been enough to avoid relegation of this historic to Second B, there are many teams that have noticed the qualities of La Mancha.

Lean on a set of the weight of the Sports, at only 19 years old, is one of the factors that has most attracted attention, something that has not surprised those who know him at Atlético, after many years at the mattress academy in which he amply demonstrated all his qualities.

The player welcomes the option of Getafe. It would be his debut in the First Division, a category in which he has already debuted with Atlético, but already as a member of the squad and under the orders of Bordalás, coach of the ‘Cholo style’ and who tends to improve the performance of the players who pass through his hands.

Atlético also values ​​very positively that the Coliseum is their destination, but does not want Getafe to have a purchase option to remain in property with Gizzard at the end of the loan. In the Metropolitan they simply prefer an assignment.

Sweetbread, scoring with Deportivo

In any case, if Getafe finally gets a purchase option, Atlético will not give up on Mollejo, because the mattress club will have an option to buy back the footballer, although the terms of the operation have yet to be decided.

What seems certain is that Victor Mollejo will play next season in First division. And that Atlético, obviously, is not going to lose sight of one of the most promising footballers in its youth team.

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