The Very tough 6-0 defeat of the Mannschaft against Spain dominated the headlines of most german media, that they agreed on the main culprit of the German hecatomb against those of Luis Enrique. Joachim Löw focused the criticism after a result that had not been repeated for the four-time world champion since 1931 and that, now more than ever, places Joachim Löw at the center of a hurricane that could end his dismissal 14 years after he took over the German team.

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The most blunt was the Bild newspaper, which expressed the feelings of all German fans. “It is on the tightrope”, titled the newspaper with the most circulation in the Federal Republic on its website, crossing out what happened on the lawn of the Cartuja de “Disaster in Spain”. Bild is concise in his chronicle: “Is he capable of leading the Mannschaft to success at the European Championship?” Or maybe it makes more sense to think of alternatives like Ralf Rangnick or Stefan Kuntz? Manager Oliver Bierhoff had already made it clear to him before the game that he had to measure himself in relation to results. “

Löw himself dodged all kinds of questions about his future after the debacle in Seville. “If I have to worry it is something you should ask others. I have no answer to it here and now “, said the German coach. Nor does his irrevocable decision not to have more veteran players like Müller, Boateng or Hummels, who have been showing a high level in the Bundesliga, help. Lothar Matthäus, world champion with the Mannschaft in 1990 and German player with the most caps, was clear: “We need them back in the Mannschaft.”

Former international like Schweinsteiger, World champion with Löw in 2014 and now an analyst for the public broadcaster ARD, he also seems to have lost confidence in his coach at the national team for a decade. “The team and Löw have one opinion, but I have another”, said the former Bayern and Manchester United. Schweini is clear that the 6-0 in Seville must mean a before and after in the Mannschaft. “You have to change something. A German national team cannot give this image. There are certain values ​​that this selection must embody and that I did not perceive on the field of play at any time “, dictated Schweinsteiger.