The international press showed their astonishment at the spectacular triumph of Spain over Germany. The German press was extremely harsh with their selection.


“The Jogi (Löw) disaster. Our team falls 6-0 to Spain and is eliminated from the Nations League. The biggest defeat since May 24, 1931, 6-0 against Austria. The 6-0 is, of course, Löw's biggest loss in his 14-year tenure. Germany sinks in Seville ”.

Die Welt

“Germany is ashamed to the bone in Spain. Germany offers a shameful performance in Spain. The national team surrenders to its fate from the start. National coach Joachim Löw will have to answer many questions. The German soccer team is experiencing a debacle in Spain. Joachim Löw's team delivers an embarrassing performance in the Nations League and lost the group final 6-0. It is the biggest defeat for the German team since 1931. “

Olé newspaper

“Spain and a beating: 6-0 to Germany! La Roja danced to the Germans in Seville. With a hat-trick by Ferran Torres, plus others by Morata, Rodri and Oyarzábal, he thrashed 6-0 and went on to the final round of the Nations League. Worst German defeat in 89 years … “.

La Gazzetta dello Sport

“Devastating Spain, 6 goals against Germany! The Red Fury is in the Final Four. In the last match of group 4, Luis Enrique's national team humiliated Low: 6-0, with a hat-trick by Ferran Torres and goals by Morata, Rodri and Oyarzabal. The Spanish win the group and join France in the semi-finals. Rhythm, aggressiveness, technique. Luis Enrique's Spain dominated Germany and won with a resounding 6-0 that allowed him to win Group 4 of the Nations League and thus qualify for the Final Four, scheduled for October 2021. “


“What a beating! Spain humiliates the Mannschaft! Condemned to the feat, La Roja has totally surpassed a ghostly German team and qualifies for the Final F'our of the Nations League, in particular thanks to Ferran Torres' hat-trick. A scandalous defeat for Germany which could cost Joachim Löw his position as a manager. “

The Guardian

“Ferran Torres' treble helps Spain humiliate Germany in the Nations League. Ferran Torres tugged at his red shirt and kissed it, just above the shield. There is a star in him and there is also a star within him, applause accompanied him while he was there with a big smile. The Manchester City striker, still just 20 years old and in his seventh international game, scored three goals in an astonishing night, in which Spain reached the semi-finals of the Nations League crushing Germany with the kind of performance for which the perfect word would not be overstated. “

Daily Mail

“Spain beat Germany with six goals that earned them a place in the finals of the Nations League. The Spanish defeated their rivals for first place with Manchester City star Ferran Torres who scored a hat-trick. Will Joachim Low survive? The final day of the Nations League group stage matches began with a high point, seeing Spain host Germany with both teams fighting for a place in the semi-finals. The winner took it all and joins France. “

A Ball

“Real humiliation of Spain to Germany. In a match that decided to qualify for the final phase of the League of Nations, the Spanish endorsed six unanswered goals. There were three goals in each half. Morata, Ferran Torres and Rodri scored in the first, in the second Ferran Torres scored twice more (completing hat trick), while Oyarzabal closed the score in the 89th minute. Spain will go to the final phase, together with France, classified in the group in which Portugal participated “.

The country

“Spain qualifies for the final phase of the League of Nations with a historic defeat of Germany (6-0). The Spanish team played tonight at La Cartuja one of their best matches against Germany to qualify for the final phase of the Nations League. Those of Luis Enrique prevailed from the beginning and an almost perfect match. Six goals and an overwhelming sense of superiority. Morata showed that it can be the 9 of Spain. He scored the first in a corner and it was a nightmare for the German defenders. Ferran scored a hat-trick and penetrated like a dagger until Luis Enrique retired him after his third goal. Rodri also scored on a corner kick thrown by Fabian and Oyarzabal closed the win for Spain. The other side of the coin was put by Canales and Sergio Ramos, who retired injured in the first half ”.


“Major festival in Spain. And after so much mediocrity and sighs, the biggest festival of Spain in Seville, where you should return from time to time to enjoy yourself, what will that city have. Well, having it has everything, it is magnificent, but it is true that the national team, with some resounding skid, maintains a special spell with this square, scene yesterday of a great exercise by Luis Enrique's team against a vulgar Germany, which took a car and you can give thanks that the wiggle stayed at six. When they play compliments, there are compliments, and tonight the light came out at the most necessary moment, Spain classified, with three goals from Ferran Torres, for the final phase of the Nations League in 2021 and giving a much more exciting image than the offered in previous appointments “.

The reason

Historical humiliation of Spain to Germany (6-0). Spain enjoyed the way it had not for a long time. He chose the best rival to make the best match. She felt powerful again, as in the days when she won everything. Then they met Germany (in the final of Euro 2008 and in the World Cup semifinal two years later), but one goal was enough to put them out of the way. And it cost that goal. Nothing to do with the ease with which Spain thrashed the Germans. Germany became small and doubts were thrown into the air.

The world

“Spain humiliates Germany in a night for history. The gale was undeniable. A growing team, in formation, Spain, crushed another team, this consecrated one, and that, Beyond getting the ticket to a Final Four more beautiful than important, it is the push that Luis Enrique's project probably needed. The perfect night”.

Sports world

6-0: Historic beating. Spain could not fail and did not fail. Not only did it not fail, but it passed over a Germany that today is far from being the team that always aspires to everything. At least, apparently in Seville where the Germans were at the mercy of a Spain that took the match for what it was, a final. Something that was not or did not seem so for the Germans, especially in defense where they are a real festival. Ferrán Torres hat trick in a historic bath in Germany


A scandal to enter the Final Four! Spain was a roller with a spectacular Ferran Torres who scored a hat-trick. Fabian also signed a hat-trick of assists and Morata made the difference of '9'. Spain qualified through the big door for the Final Four of the UEFA Nations League. Luis Enrique's team endorsed a historic win over Germany with a display of play and efficiency. The team was cured of all its ills and, with a plethora of Ferran Torres, closed the league in a spectacular way to play the title in October 2021.