Bathing in the fountain in Plaza del Obispo, high-fiving a police officer or entering a boat docked in the port without permission. Those were the challenges he posed. Gerard Piqué last Monday during a Twitch live in connection with Malaga in exchange for two free Kings League tickets for the event that will take place on October 14 at La Rosaleda. The hooligans on duty jumped in without thinking twice and Shakira’s ex, aware of the illegality of the acts, encouraged them even more: “We pay them the fine.”

Piqué laughed at the situation while some of his collaborators tried to stop him: “We should consult this with the Authority first,” they said. “You’re going to tell me that you can’t high-five a police officer…”responded the former Barça man, who blurted out: “Save those two tickets, let’s see if someone jumps off the fifth floor or something”. An unfortunate comment that they asked him to remove up to three times: “Okay, I’ll take it back, but we can put some mattresses downstairs.”

The grace of the president of Kosmos reached the council and the mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre, responded this Tuesday: “We will suggest to Mr. Piqué that he make other more interesting approaches from the point of view of education and training, and not make nonsense”. And he added: “Málaga is not a school for hooliganism, it is a school for training citizens, the most collaborative or the most hard-working in their studies.”