Georgina Rodriguez Hernandez (Buenos Aires, January 27, 1993) is on promotion. This Friday the second season of his series premieres on Netflix and gives away interviews and audience: Paul Motorcycles managed this Wednesday to raise the anthill above 20% of the screen share, a figure that today is reserved for almost historic moments on television. And this one was.

Argentine by birth, she lived almost all her life in Jaca (Huesca) as a total stranger but she burst into our lives as a celebrity, influencer and mass phenomenon when she began a relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo in mid-2016, although the crack Portuguese did not officially confirm their relationship until a year later. Later, their first daughter in common arrived, Alana Martina, in November 2017, the fourth daughter of the soccer player. In October 2021 they announced Georgina’s second pregnancy and on April 10, 2022 the birth of her second daughter was made public (Bella Esmeralda), and the death of the twin brother who came with the baby.

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Very Catholic and with a lot of faith, she believes that everything that has happened to her in her life is a direct consequence of her prayers and Christianity, as she says in her reality I’m Georgina, of which now comes its second season. “God always enlightened me and gave me the strength to fight and to know what was good for me”, says this woman famous for the grace of ‘Christian god’. In her mansions she has several altars and regularly posts photos of herself visiting churches and chapels on social networks. She considers herself a citizen of the world first, very Spanish, Argentine third, and Portuguese. She’s almost like the UN.

Passionate about ballet and dance, she worked as a babysitter in the United Kingdom and was employed for eight months in a store Gucci from Madrid, where he met Cristiano Ronaldo, and at the Prada store in The English Court. Already with Cristiano in his life, he took an Accounting course at the Distance University of Madrid.

He puts his children “videos of children who have no food”

It is difficult to find a qualifier to describe his long interview on Antena 3, perhaps it can be said that he was delirious at times, that he contained phrases of embarrassment or that he gives a much closer idea of ​​what this character is like, far beyond what he we see on Netflix. “I am worldwide,” he said before the Valencian presenter.

He leads a very busy life, and says that the few moments of relaxation that he can enjoy come when he returns from dropping the children off at school, which is when he has time “to look at the phone,” he explained. “Because my time is taken up by children, five small children,” she clarifies. Fortunately, she has a virtue that helps: “I am very organized.”

Children hit each other “sometimes”, according to the influencer. “At school there are times when they get hit and they don’t defend themselves and they sink. The other day one of my children came crying because they had hit him. And you don’t know how to defend yourself with what you warm up at home?”, he asked your son. “If they hit you and you don’t hit, I don’t punish you, if they hit you and you hit, I punish both of you,” she said, testifying to her educational system. “I wouldn’t want my children to be beating others, so I feel super proud of the education I’m giving them,” she praised herself.

“We always instill in our children that you have to take care of things, that you have to be thankful. People are not obliged to treat you well because you are the son of, and they hallucinate, because when they see Cristiano playing on TV they say: ‘Ahh, it’s papa’ and when I was in Mask Singer they hallucinated to see me sing. I tell them that food is not left, and what is left over, for snacks… and sometimes I put videos of children who don’t have food and I tell them this is what can happen to you“.

Georgina wants to be normal but she is not normal, as we could imagine. To start promoting the first season of the Netflix series, Cristiano closed a restaurant in a building with views in Dubai, and projected the premiere trailer on the facade.

“I travel sooo much…”

“It was a surprise. I was organizing Christmas, we spent it in Turin, oh not in Manchester, I travel here”, said. “It’s that I’m super organized and when I travel I like to organize it months in advance. I’ve been telling Cris for months, taking advantage of the fact that we’re going to the beach, why don’t we premiere Soy Georgina and make a beach movie, on the sand, for after dinner and Cristiano doesn’t was showing interest, and I felt and plan a little sad”.

“Then, on my birthday, he told me: ‘We’re going to see the sunset, and I, jolin, hadn’t talked to me all day about let’s see your realityOkay, come on, and at the moment that, well, I saw myself reflected in the building, I can also tell you that I had a very special day, they woke me up with the villa full of details, photos, cakes, my children drawing me pictures, Cristiano too super detailed,” he said.

“I have given him three cars”

Cristiano, according to Georgina, is very generous with her, but she is not far behind: “I have given her three cars, I won’t give her any more. It is no longer original,” she said. Cristiano “is a very handsome man,” said the star of the night. That’s why he had a crush. “When I saw him, he was so handsome that I was embarrassed to look at him,” she expressed excitedly. “He threw the rod at me,” she added. “I am very shameful”. They had little conversation that gucci store where they met “Because I was not taking care of him, I was taking care of the client of a friend of mine who was on vacation,” he clarified. “When I went out, he came in, and I had butterflies. He is very polite, he was with Junior and some friends, he said: ‘Good afternoon, and it was good afternoon. The first time we spoke, we met at a fashion event in a store, ” confessed.

His life was changed by the media madness. “I had to change stores. I went to Prada to El Corte Inglés, which was in Castellana and they couldn’t get in because the cameras didn’t have access to the boutique, but of course he played at the Bernabéu and every time there was a game it seemed like the Georgina’s museum, so everyone came to the site or to the bathrooms to take pictures with me, they brought me T-shirts for me to sign, and there came a time when I couldn’t continue. And when I was in the boutique it was the The Best and that was when people officially knew me. Women came, women of players walked by, yes it’s her, and I: ‘Yes it’s me.

His life in Riyadh, and pooping on the private plane

“It’s a wonderful country, I have to admit that I was conditioned by the gossip and what is heard. It is a safe, familiar country and they take great care of the women, their children, the people are thoughtful and generous. My routine wherever I go is always the same: children, school, I train, from time to time I go to restaurants, and work and then, thank God, we have facilities and we can travel a lot and enjoy, “he said.

Regarding the advantages of having a private plane, he says that not all are advantages. “At Manchester airport they left me stranded. My pilots asked Manchester for permission and they said no, they left me stranded, I got home super late.” In this, Pablo Motos raised this question about doing his needs during flights: “In the bathroom of a private plane it will be bigger than a commercial one and when you go to poop …”. And Georgina even went into the kitchen: “I’ve never pooped on the plane.” “Me neither, never, never,” Motos replied. “When I have traveled on a commercial plane, getting into a hot bathroom and smelling like freshly thrown cake, I hate it, it cuts me to the pee,” he confessed.

They have offered him to make a movie

“For a matter of time I have not been able to accept any role. I know that I would be good at it, I have done classical dance, which is playing a role, as a little girl, Swan Lake, Don Quixote. He is sacrificed and gives tables in life, I think that thanks to ballet I am who I am.

His days are busy. “In Arabia the children train later. I have two houses under construction, and I take care of the works, of my employees. Of the routines of the house. The works follow me; wherever I go there is a work. We want an operational house in Madrid, you never know, we have many children. Junior is getting older, he wants to be a soccer player and we don’t know if in the future”…

Georgina denied that Cristiano was even considering signing for Atlético de Madrid: “That option was never in his head,” he said. He said of the footballer that he is “wonderful, a father of ten, a son of ten, brother, friend, partner, boss, employee: he is wonderful in every way,” he repeated. “Many times we are all at home eating, I look at him, and I say: ‘How lucky I am, the great work we have done, and how lucky I feel to have been chosen by him to create this beautiful family, and I say: ‘jolin I go to bed happy.” A fairy tale, come on.

His giant dressing room

She says her dressing room “is now gigantic,” she said. “I share it with Cristiano, and it’s huge.” The footballer told him: “You have to fill it with clothes. We’ve gone to Arabia and I said: look, I’m sorry, I’m not going to take all the clothes. I’ll pack two suitcases for you and two for me, and the next Whenever we return to Madrid, I’ll take more and if the guests or family come I’ll buy you. In Arabia, luxury is worth thirty percent more. And I’m not going shopping so much, And the dressing room is so big that Cris told me: “Gio, fill it up a little because I always wear the same thing.”

number of bags

Georgina has 150 bags. “I don’t know why so many, Cris asks me. (Cristiano). For my birthday I told him: ‘I want a bag, the same one I have but bigger, and he said: ‘I refuse, I’m not going to buy it for you’ . And I say: ‘Well, I’ll buy it myself. If he gives it to me, it hurts less. It’s true that having a thousand bags you already consider it. And coming from where I come from, I had a few bags before starting with him, “he snapped. .

Does money change you?

“It changes me for the better because I feel that I can help my family and my friends much more than before. Money is gratifying for me in this sense,” he replied. In the second season, it shows the moment where she lost her baby and Motos asked her if there was no greater pain and how she managed it. “There is no explanation, it has brought me a lot of darkness, but a lot of love, this season has served me a lot, I chose a woman as director who I identified with her a lot, and I have felt super happy and very surrounded by all the people who they have made this journey with me after the loss of my baby, my friends have been by my side, Cristiano the same. Thank God I have been lucky enough to share this tragedy with my people, it is what has helped me”.