After two intense weeks of promotion, the second season of the reality I’m Georgina on Netflix has been released this Friday. Six chapters in which the girlfriend of Cristiano Ronaldo she shows her travels, her shopping days, her role as a mother of five children and much more. The first of them focuses on the works of her Madrid house, to which she personally traveled from Manchester to supervise everything: “I want to have the last word.”

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The house did not meet the needs of a large family and Georgina He has taken care of everything: “I decided to reform the family home because it was not at all made for the type of family we are and it was not made for us.” But the most surprising thing is the requirement that she has demanded for one of her bathrooms, specifically hers: “In my bathroom, I do want a bidet for the Polish bathroom and for the ‘Czech, Czech, Czech, Czech’.”

For those who don’t know, the ‘Polish bath’ is the colloquial expression that refers to washing only the armpits and the most intimate parts; and it is not the first time that Georgina talks about this type of hygiene. She did it during the first season of her reality show and then she already got the expression to rise to the Trending Topic ranking and the debate began: is the ‘Polish bathroom’ (ass and armpit) dirty?

Well, apparently, it is not. An investigation from Columbia University, in the United States, stated in 2018 that bathing every day is not good, since this causes the skin to lose its natural oils and increases dryness in the dermis. This same study determined that, according to science, the ideal was to take baths once or twice a week, although the frequency with which you wash your hands and more sensitive areas of the body should be maintained.