What George Clooney He is a gentleman, it was already known, but he is also attentive to every detail so that his wife, Amal ClooneyAlways look perfect on any occasion, it’s already a plus. The actor was in charge of placing the complicated train of the gala dress that his wife wore on the red carpet, when they came this weekend to receive the award given to the interpreter at the 45th edition of the Kennedy Center Honors awards.

Dressed in an elegant black tuxedo, Clooney was the hilarious moment at the artists’ dinner honoring the winners, when he noticed something was wrong with Amal’s impressive dress.

The Lebanese lawyer wore a red dress with a bateau neckline and a matching cape that got tangled in the carpet at the time of the photocall. It was George who was in charge of untangling the long cape, thus avoiding a trip and that Amal’s model would not be seen in all its splendor in the photos.

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Like a bridesmaid at a wedding, the Hollywood star ensured that the stiff layer of the dress was perfectly stretched and straight, positioning it while his wife smiled in amusement.

Clooney and Amal, a specialized Human Rights lawyer by profession, have been married since September 2014 and have five-year-old twin children together, Alexander y Ellawho were born in 2017. The couple share their involvement in humanitarian causes and together they launched the Clooney Foundation for Justice in 2016.

In this edition of the Kennedy Center Honors, the actor and director has shared recognition with the Irish rock band U2 con BonoThe Edge, Adam Claytron y Larry Mullen Jr.the singer-songwriter Amy Grant, Gladys Knight who is known as “The Empress of Soul” and with the Cuban composer Tania Leonwinner of the Pulitzer Prize last year.

These awards, given out since 1978 by the United States government, have great prestige and with them, in each edition, professionals from five different artistic disciplines are distinguished.