Genoveva Casanova and her demand for more than a million euros from ‘Lecturas’ and Luis Pliego after her photographs with Federico from Denmark

Eight months have passed since the images of the Mexican philosopher and the then prince of Denmark saw the light and went around the world. Their date in Madrid, where they walked, had dinner, watched a flamenco show before returning together in the middle of the night to her own house. Genoveva Casanova, revealed not only a private getaway that the heir had not informed either his government or ours (with the security dangers that entails) but that the husband of the princesa Maryfather of four children, maintained a very strong friendship with his ex-wife. Cayetano Martínez de Irujo.

The story that they were just friends did not convince the masses according to the graphic evidence and the one who had been Countess of Salvatierra marked herself with a ‘smoke bomb’ to disappear from the map for months with the help and complicity of her father. children, your greatest support in the most difficult weeks.

Federico endured the downpour in Denmark, where an emergency committee was formed to save the Crown and the image he had given of it. At Christmas, his mother, Queen Margaret, surprised the entire world by announcing his abdication to leave the throne to his son: it was now or never. And Mary, who had returned to her native Australia, facing a marital crisis and an unsustainable image, returned to fulfill the role for which she had prepared herself despite everything.

The waters calmed down and everyone resumed their routines. Including Genoveva, who returned to Madrid, even she signed for The challengethe challenge program on Antena 3 in which we will see her soon, and she recovered her activity on social networks with a heartfelt message: “Here I am back. I want to thank all the people who have cared about me this last year, those who have understood my absence and my silence and those who have sent me messages of love and support. You can’t imagine how important that has been for me. My heartfelt thanks. It has been a few months in which I needed peace and tranquility. , but I am already doing my best to, little by little, be able to return to my normal life and fulfill my work commitments. Once again, thank you millions.”

Of course, Casanova neither forgets nor forgives. They were the worst months of his life and he demands responsibilities and compensation. According to Beatriz Cortázar, the Mexican woman’s legal team has followed the case to the millimeter and has filed a lawsuit of more than 400 pages against the magazine that published the famous cover, Readings, to compensate for the alleged suffering caused by speculation about the true nature of her relationship with Federico. Sources of all solvency reveal to Informalia that the lawsuit is also addressed to the director of said medium, Luis Pliego. The former favorite daughter-in-law of the late and dearly loved Duchess of Alba requests one million euros to repair the damage caused: “Genoveva is very dedicated to the lawsuit and supported by Cayetano,” said the journalist. This Thursday, the judge admitted the lawsuit to be processed and the justice system will investigate it: “It is a very powerful case where Genoveva also assumes a risk, because if she loses she will have to pay high costs,” he points out.