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Genaro Gattuso: “We were punished a lot for a mistake”

Gabby Barker



Do you think that Barça has been less fierce?

Barça encountered difficulties because we have been very attentive. We have avoided its depth. We have failed little, only in the play of the goal. We knew about that play. If he did not do today three days ago, it is for our work.

How are Insigne and Mertens?

We will see it tomorrow. Mertens has a swollen ankle. I'm not a doctor yet.

How do you leave?

A little sad. We could do better. We were punished a lot for a mistake, but happy for the team's work.

Coat of arms / Flag Naples

What did you like about your team?

Patience, desire, energy and not lose your mind. A 1-0 or 1-1 does not change so much, we will have to play a great game against Barcelona. But now you have to think about the match against Torino. In the Camp Nou we will have to play 15-20 meters later.

Can you make history in Barcelona?

Let me think. That people think that our story is over is not going badly for us. We will play until the end.

Insigne and Mertens imposed themselves on Messi?

We play all very concentrated. Someone will tell us that we could press later, but we force them to play for the bands. We do not let them in.

Coat of arms / Flag Barcelona

What needs to be improved?

We have to do things later and get more vertical. We could have done better. Maybe we were too afraid of losing the ball.

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