The victory of Valencia against Valladolid, last weekend, Carlos Soler signed it, with a big shot, after a pass that turned into assistance from Gayà, who received on the left wing, cut in and left it to Soler to rehearse the shot on goal. Gayà's action ended in Soler's goal but This season the presence of the captain in the opposite field is being more numerous than in the previous ones. In fact, in the same match against Valladolid, Gayá was about to score his first goal of the season with a cross shot who went to the cross after playing at Masip.

Valencia Shield / Flag

However, it has been in the last matches when Gayà's boarding schools have started to generate goals. In fact, to the assistance of Gayá against Valladolid we must add that of the match against Cádiz, with the pass to Maxi Gómez. The Uruguayan was also the recipient of Gayá's first assistance this year, in the duel against Real Sociedad. His assists have meant seven points in this course and the two wins away from home.

So, Gayà already accumulates three assists in 16 games played, figures that, at this point, represent unique records in his career. In fact, in the absence of a match to end the first round Gayá has his best season in the field of assists: six, in 37 games, in the 2014-15 season. In the 2017-18 season, Pedreguer's player gave five assists, in 38 games; and a season later, he left his record in four, in 49 games played, both with Marcelino. In the 2015-16 and 2016-17 academic years, Gayà signed three assists, the same as he currently has. His worst season in this chapter was last: only two assists in 32 games.

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