Regardless of who the coach of the Valencia next season, there is an unappealable reality: the club needs to sell players again. The accounts say that a net income of between 25 and 30 million euros is required, which means several “small” sales or one large one. The lack of progress in the negotiation to renew Jose Luis Gayà They make the captain's name regain strength in the market. This time is the Juve the one that would have it on its radar, according to Calcio Mercato.

The portal analyzes the revolution that the club wants to make this summer on the defensive flanks and ensures that the Brazilian's departure is being considered Alex sandro, which would free the left lane and would also leave about 25 million euros in the box to reinvest.

In this scenario, the publication assures that the name of Gayà has arrived at Juve, which he remembers is a Spanish international and in which FC Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid have been interested. It is pointed out that the Mestalla club would prefer to sell it abroad, if necessary, and that it would not accept offers for less than those same 25 million.

Gayà, scoring a goal for Alavés

Gayà ends his contract in 2023 and although the club aired the beginning of the talks to expand that relationship, the reality is that there has been no progress in that negotiation. With an enormous sentimental connection with the club, it is necessary to see what Gayà wants from his future seeing the dark panorama that looms over the entity.

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