This Sunday Second B starts after not being able to compete since March. A sterile course, the past, in which only its promotion phase was contested and that this campaign comes with news. First, the labyrinthine composition of the groups: 102 teams and ten groups of ten (11) teams. What makes that first phase frantic and decisive from the beginning to finish among those 30 best that will be played ascend.

“The preseason was strange. I've been in football for years and I never had a preseason of two and a half months. We had been unemployed for a long time, and it went well. We accumulated physical and technical-tactical work, ten games and many training sessions,” he values José Aurelio Gay, Espanyol B coach, who makes his debut against El Prat on Sunday (12:00) in a match in which the public can already enter.

Gay sees the team “prepared” and praises the commitment of the sports management, which has decided to rejuvenate the squad even more: “It is a very brave decision, the team is younger than last year. We have changed. Boys are talented and ready. We gather players with a future. They know the model well, although there are only five from last year. There are youths who were already in our dynamic b. It is an advantage. We may lack experience, but the other teams will have other disadvantages, such as lack of resources or money. “

Together with Espanyol B and El Prat will compete L'Hospitalet, Nàstic, Barcelona B, Llagostera, Badalona, ​​Andorra, Lleida, Cornellà and Olot. “We are anxious. The meeting will be different from the preseason. We want to open the melon. The competition is short and different, we must face it from the first game. It is as if it were our fifth day,” he commented, while acknowledging the uncertainty that the squad lives: “We don't know what will happen, maybe next week there will be new measures. Let's go step by step”.


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