The platonic love between the new star of the Spanish selection and the princess of Asturias has been the most talked about gossip in the La Roja dressing room and in the media these days. A fun situation that many have dreamed of but that, if one day comes true, will still have to wait, because the young Leonor pines for another boy who has nothing to do with Gavi.

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Last April, the eldest daughter of the King Felipe VI and the queen letizia She visited Spain accompanied by a classmate from the WC Atlantic College boarding school, a tall, dark, curly-haired young man with dual nationality, American and Brazilian, who was in love with Leonor to the point of bringing him home to introduce him to his family. However, that romance is now history. The boy left the exclusive Welsh school to go to university and Leonor found comfort in the brother of a friend of hers.

As Pilar Eyre reveals, the young woman is excited about an English boy who is going to university (Oxford or Cambridge) and with whom she has been exchanging correspondence and photos for weeks. As we said, he is the brother of a friend of Leonor’s: “They have a romantic relationship”, points out the real expert on her new YouTube channel. He also states that if their relationship takes hold, it will not be strange to see him also in Spain: “This boy is going to come here, because it is very difficult for her to go to her friends’ house. Leonor goes with two security cars, I don’t know if 10 or 12 escorts…”. Something that, apparently, her mother does not dislike at all: “Letizia is in favor of premarital relationships, because this weighs heavily on marriage.”