The defeats against Juventus, in the Super Cup, and Genoa, had caused tension and controversy in Naples. The covers of the national sports newspapers revealed that President De Laurentiis was thinking of calling back, among other names, Rafa Benítez and part of the local press called until Gattuso's resignation. The coach, however, after having taken the reins of a team in a tragic moment, in his first year he won an Italian Cup (the only title of the entity since 2014), while in this he is maintaining the fight for positions Champions, won another Cup semifinal and continues his adventure in the Europa League. The ex-Milanese does not accept these rumors, as he himself declared after the victory with Parma this Sunday: “They slap me every day, it seems that we are last. If I lose two games they already question me, so you can't work.” Words for the press or, directly, for President De Laurentiis? Gattuso half answered: “You judge. This started a month ago, they offend me too much. They talked about my fish shop, they say I'm rude, that I'm dying and I can't train … It's not normal. People who have been working in this city for years offended me in a way that I cannot accept. “

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Speaking of its renewal, which looked done and is frozen, revealed more details: “That doesn't matter, I don't care about contracts. If I or De Laurentiis was wrong, I don't know, I'm comfortable with my players, but otherwise there is an air that I don't like. I had a good relationship with the president, but after the last 20 days I am disappointed, mismanaged the situation. I never began to negotiate with other teams that have called me, I was honest and correct “.

Just over a year ago, the players rioted, facing the board and rejecting concentration after the Champions League draw with Salzburg. We are not at the level of tension of those days, which led to the dismissal of Carlo Ancelotti, but not that far either: when Politano scored 2-0 against Parma this afternoon, he went to hug Gattuso and all his teammates followed him. The changing room, between the master and De Laurentiis, has already chosen …