Harry Kane caught on against Manchester City one of the best games of his sports career. That's how Gary Neville at least thinks of it, who after the match praised the Tottenham forward to the point of comparing his game with that played by Zinedine Zidane in his time as a footballer.

The eldest of the Neville brothers (45 years old) commented on Sky Sports how Mourinho has induced Kane to slightly delay his position and the positive response that the English international has given: “He's playing brilliantly in that position. They are going to make fun of me for saying this, but there is a bit of Zidane in him when he catches the ball in that position, how he protects it. It's the physical gesture, the touch with which he he gets hold of the ball and protects it. Nobody can get close to him “.

For Gary Neville, this Saturday was “the best game I remember from him since one he played a few years ago at Wembley against Liverpool. Kane has had some brilliant games, but in a game of height, a difficult game against Manchester City, he has been spectacular“.

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* Data updated as of November 22, 2020

Although he did not score in the victory (2-0) against Pep Guardiola's men, Kane (27 years old) assisted ex-Betis Lo Celso in the goal that rounded off the Spurs victory. In a counterattack, Tottenham's 10th received the ball in the center circle and advanced 30 meters until giving the pass to the arrival of the Argentine from the left. It was Kane's ninth assist in the 9 days that have been played in the Premier League, in which he has also scored 7 goals. A few decisive numbers that have helped lift Tottenham to the top of the English league, with the permission of Liverpool and Leicester, who face each other tonight (20:15, DAZN) at Anfield.


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