Garitano explains various aspects of his team management in this competitive return. For example, against Betis he was accused of taking too long to order the substitutions. “If you do them soon, because you do them soon, if you do them late, because you do them late … The other day we were fine and we did not see the need. We knew that we had to save for the last ten minutes, then there is the discount of 7, the matches are lasting 100 minutes … Everything is marked by the results. We have in mind to manage the players, they cannot play every three days and less with the intensity with which we do it ”, he argues.

Gaizka Garitano's press conference before the game against Barça

How do you manage that human material you have in your hands? “Talking to them about how they are, keeping in mind the type of game … Barça there is not the same as Mallorca here … We also think about the next game, some are fresh, others I have dead, others always They are a doubt to see if they can play … You know that one gives gasoline for 60 minutes and another one for 30 … “, he points out.

And it advances since “so much Victor as Vivian they will travel with us. They are present and future players and they are part of our dynamic ”. With respect to Villalibre, He comments that “he was unemployed for ten days and each time he will be able to participate more. We are happy with him, he is the most forward we have, the one who arrives at the first post is close to the goal. The others are forward seconds like Raúl or Kodro, who is not a center forward. I am happy with Asier, but it needs more after the period of loss ”.

Regarding the loss of Yuri in Barcelona and the options to supply it, he points out Garitano that “when one is missing who usually plays I don't worry. Balenziaga, Lekue, De Marcos… They are people with whom I am delighted, very happy when I give them the opportunity they deserve. It depends on whether we play with a defense of four or five, but I fully trust them. It is true that he usually plays Yuri, but I have confidence in any of the others ”.

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