Asier Garitano, coach of the Leganes, did not want to talk about the possibility of hunting in the second position Majorca and assured that the objective is today to climb to the third position that occupies the Almeria.

“I already said it … the points that there are are of great difference. We focus on getting as much as possible, but the objective right now must be to reach the third position that Almería occupies and it does not depend on us, although it is more close. And from there, we will see what happens every week, but the difficulty at the end of the season is great for everyone, “he said.

Regarding the recent change of coach in the latter, he said: “Every time in football less things surprise me, I don't know. I don't know what their goals are, what has happened … I'm not happy about the dismissal of any coach. Also They were having a good season. They started badly, but they messed with the best. “

“It seemed to me a team that could be to be promoted directly. Now they are six points away. But I'm not happy. José has left, Rubi has entered … I have enough with ours to think about other places,” he added.

Now they face Sporting de Gijón, another team from the upper zone: “They have had a very good season from the beginning. I think it is a team that has been with the best in all rounds. In play-offs. Now they have options, like those of us who are there, of having the option of being able to go up to the First Division. But he will have to have a good end to the season, like all of us who are there. But yes, Sporting is doing things well. “

“The key is to have conviction and believe in what we do. Know that we have to improve things. The rival will subdue us. They are a good rival. They have not lost with those above … but we have also had a pretty good month, with a good line of play. Let's see if we can play a great game against a great rival, “he added.

Winning would be taking an important step towards the goal: “It would be a fundamental victory. For them and for us it is fundamental. Not decisive. It does not end here and there are more games, but we are rivals who play a lot, same goals … it is an important game for all”.

“I believe that we are quite well, beyond the results, which is true that sometimes we have not obtained them. The result is usually misleading to assess the team. The last month we are well. The idea is to improve some aspects that make us missing. We are very happy. Let's see if we get that balance of results after winning in Alcorcón. It will be difficult to beat Sporting, but it can reinforce us a lot, “he said.

On the other hand, he analyzed the fact that there are spectators in clashes in other categories but not in the two highest: “Surely that is what everyone wants the most. But there are people who, I imagine, are aware of all this. “.

“We want people to be there … it's rare. In some fields there are people and in others not, but it is a health issue and there other people will decide. The important thing is to be as safe as possible,” he added.


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