Gaizka Garitano has drawn a possible eleven on the return to work today from Athletic in Lezama. The lions have again stepped on the green after yesterday's rest day to line up the set-up for Sunday's commitment against the Levante (San Mamés, 2:00 p.m.).

A session in which the technician has placed special emphasis on fine-tuning the aim. A problem that has been chasing the rojiblancos in this start of the course. They have remained at zero in three of the four games played and only have two goals in their service record. The goal is to find a solution based on insisting.

After this exercise, Garitano has arranged a game, without goalkeepers, in which he has offered serious clues of the line-up that he can show against the I raised. Sounds like a starting team. The defense would be composed of Capa, Yeray, Iñigo Martínez and Balenziaga. The one of Barakaldo, who has been working with the group during the week, would return after overcoming the muscle injury he suffered three weeks ago. The left-handed side, with Yuri sick leave due to coronavirus, it would be for the Zumarraga. There would be no experiments even though the deriotarra tested Cordova in the rear in the friendly of Valladolid.

Dani Garcia Y Unai lopez they would occupy the center of the field. The line of three half points would integrate it Muniain, Raúl García and Berenguer. It would mean the debut as a starter for the Barañain, which he tested starting from the left. Unlike its premiere in Mendizorrotza, where he played the final stretch on the right side. Black pudding, for his part, would continue on the bench. The spearhead would be for Williams, although always with a tendency to rotate its position with Raul Garcia.

If confirmed, no big surprises are coming in the eleven of Athletic despite the bad start of League. Garitano would continue to show his story line in search of a long-awaited triumph that calms all evils. The coach has introduced some nuance in the second half of the game. Nunez, starter in the last three commitments, has entered the rear and Victor Y Zarraga They have endowed the midfield with youth. The Getxo also knocked on the door in Zorrilla with a good performance, seasoned with a goal.

The session ended with more centering and spiking exercises. He Athletic He tends to carry his football down the wings and then attack the area, but it has not had an effect to date. It always fails at some point in the equation. On more than one occasion Garitano He has regretted the mistakes in the final meters and wants to remedy them.

The training has counted on the return of Unai Simon once his journey with the Spanish team concluded, with which he has not yet made his debut. Have not been Yuri, De Marcos, Nolaskoain and Kodro. Ibai Gomez it adds up little by little. He has participated in exercises that did not involve contact such as physical tasks or spikes, but has withdrawn when playing the game. The clavicle fracture he suffered in August still limits him in some functions.


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