The Argentine footballer Ezequiel Garay has announced this Friday his retirement through a letter due to the problems that an injury has generated him during the last three years

The Argentine international central, former player of Valencia, Real Madrid, Racing de Santander, Benfica and Zenit, among other teams, has explained that for three years he has been fighting against “a problem of coxastrosis due to alternation of the cartilage of the hip.”

In his farewell, Garay, 34, says he would have liked to continue and thanks all the clubs he has represented and the teammates with whom he has shared a dressing room.

“For three years, I have been silently fighting and trying to find a solution to a problem (alteration of the cartilage of the hip) that appeared unexpectedly. Extreme pain that even prevented me from walking, ”says the Argentine, who also suffered a torn cruciate ligament in one knee in 2020.

Garay, Olympic gold with Argentina in Beijing 2008, he also points out in his letter that he did not want to deceive the clubs that had been interested in hiring him, because he is not physically fit to play.

In that sense, he assures that “committing is a word that must be fulfilled,”: “And my commitment would only be to collect money in exchange for nothing, since probably two out of every three games I would not play because of my problem.”

“I honestly started my career since I was little and I want to withdraw from it in the same way,” he adds in his letter, in which he says goodbye, remembering that “today a new stage begins, a new life in which the essentials accompany me: delusion”.