The model, who will become a father to the 68-year-old singer next December, has returned to the front line of news in the midst of the presenter’s controversy with Enna, the former triumphant who claims to have had a relationship with the interpreter of Nights of San Juan for 15 years. Gabriela She has stood up for the father of her son: “I don’t know that he was with other people while he was with me. We were practically together all week, we lived as a couple.”

Gaby reveals that her relationship with Bertín is now much more fluid: “He knows I’m here and he thinks it’s good, he trusts me. We have a good relationship and we share moments of pregnancy”, he assures. It wasn’t always like this: “I’m still assimilating everything that’s happened. At first it was quite hard. When I told him I was going to be a father, he told me: ‘You’re fucking with me.’ It was difficult to assimilate because it wasn’t planned, talked about or anything.” . And he emphasizes: “I was not his lover or a special friend, I was his girlfriend, they had a relationship and it was very nice. He is wonderful, we all make mistakes and say things that we later regret.”

The model laughs when Sonsoles Ónega asks her if there will be a second chance with Bertín: “Come back? You never know… He is the father of my son, how can I not love him if he has given me the most important thing in my life, which is my son”, she said excitedly. “It is very unfair what is happening to him, because he is a wonderful man and a great father.”

Six months pregnant, she is looking forward to meeting her baby, whose sex is still a mystery: “The due date is December 31, all I need is for it to be the first child of the year”, she says smiling. “I haven’t thought about the birth. Bertín will be present if he wants, which is great for me.” And she adds with a laugh: “I don’t put rancheras on the baby, let his father put them on if he wants.”