Gabriela Guillén warms up the exclusive with Bertín Osborne’s son in a posed-stolen from the beach

First swim of the summer for the Paraguayan businesswoman and her son. With a getaway to the beaches of Valencia he celebrated Gabriela Guillén recognition of paternity by Bertín Osborne On June 12, through a statement with him, he settled the controversy: “I was wrong, and I don’t want to continue doing it. It is a responsibility that I assume. Above us is a minor who has to grow in harmony.”

In the images, on the cover of the magazine Ten minutes This Wednesday, we see Gabriela in a two-tone swimsuit taking a calm dip with her baby in her arms. A beautiful mother and son picture that some point out as a “stolen pose” to warm up a future exclusive: “I know that the moment that baby has his last name there will be an exclusive and many things will be told about these months. There is no confidentiality agreement between them”Beatriz Cortázar has revealed.

The little one, who was born on December 31, has already turned six months old. His mother keeps the child’s name a secret and is happy in this new stage for two: “I have a beautiful son who is growing up very well”, he said a few days ago at the Beef Awards photocall. The artist does not yet know the little boy, his seventh child, but he has seen him in photos that his friend El Turronero has shown him: “Everything will work out,” he assured.

Despite Bertín’s rectification and its public recognition, the procedure for the paternity lawsuit that Gabriela filed at the time continues. She can’t be paralyzed even though they have both tried. Now, the judge is the one who manages the deadlines and both underwent DNA tests last week. After the oral hearing that will be held in the Sevillian town of Alcalá de Guadaira (where the father has his domicile), still undated, the parents will decide on the maintenance and visitation agreement for the minor but always with the approval of the Public Prosecutor’s Office.