Gabriela Guillén, pregnant with Bertín Osborne’s son, goes alone to the emergency room due to discomfort

After learning this Wednesday that Gabriela Guillén had a ‘secret date’ with Bertín Osborne, which could mark the beginning of a reconciliation in their romantic relationship, the physiotherapist had to go to the hospital this Wednesday due to physical discomfort.

The model left her house with a contorted face and when asked how she was feeling, she responded: “I’m going to the emergency room, I’m not well.” Six months pregnant with Bertín, the young woman snorted with a serious face: “please, don’t record me. Seriously, really” and made it clear that she was not going to make any statement about the exclusive that Fabiola Martínez has given to the magazine ‘ Readings’: “I’m not going to talk, please.”

Gabriela was not alone, a friend accompanied her and wrapped her up, giving her a hug in the middle of the street while the vehicle arrived in which she would later get on to go to the hospital and undergo the relevant tests.

Hours later, the physiotherapist returned home and assured us that it was “a drop in tension” and, somewhat calmer, she confirmed that she was feeling better: “Good”, after the scare she had due to her pregnancy.

As for whether Fabiola’s interview has influenced her condition, Gabriela remained silent, just as she did when asked if Bertín, the father of her baby, has contacted her after this scare.