Gabriel Paulista starred in one of the images that summarize Valencia's year at the conclusion of the Getafe-Valencia. The captain was in charge of attending the televisions with rights and the question of how it is explained that he has gone from fighting for the Champions to do it for the descent, Gabriel Paulista began to cry during his answer. His words came out with a broken voice and after finishing his reflection, he stood to one side of the television service area with his head down and his hands on his face.

Valencia Shield / Flag

Sensations: “We came from a good result and it is difficult for us to play away from home to have a good sequence of games. We prepared to come and played a very bad game. Now have a cool head and think about the next game, which we have to win” .

The expulsion: “Playing with one less is difficult and the expulsion of Diakhaby are things that of course, in the first there is a similar play … but it expels us to Diakhaby. Mine was sure it was offside and that's why I grab it. Our season It is being complicated, very difficult. We have to fight for this shield and this club, which deserves much more than this. We have to work harder, we have to look for something and do more than we are doing. “

Fight for relegation: “It's fucking to hear that we are fighting not to be relegated. A club as big as Valencia and hearing this is screwed. But we have to get this out of the way. We have a lot of game and we are going to take Valencia where it deserves.”

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