Gabri Veiga: “For me Celta is everything, I am eternally grateful”


The Celta de Vigo player Gabri Veiga acknowledged this Thursday that this “strong emergence” was not expected in his first season in LaLiga Santander, at the same time that he thanked the club from Vigo for giving him the opportunity to fulfill his “dream”, insisting on that Celta is “everything” for him.

“For me Celta de Vigo is everything, it’s my home. It has been all this time, it is and it will be forever. I am eternally grateful because it has given me the opportunity to fulfill my dream”, said the footballer in an interview with LaLiga, as a Spanish football sensation with many ‘girlfriends’.

The sky-blue youth squad, who seems to be in the crosshairs of many teams due to his promising irruption, spoke of his debut in the First Division as one of the best days of his life. “Debuting with the first team is a dream that you have always pursued. One of the best days of my life was my debut against Valencia,” he said.

In addition, the young footballer also spoke about his debut as a scorer against Atlético de Madrid. “I debuted as a goalscorer at Wanda, we lost 4-1, but beyond the defeat it was a beautiful day. I wish it had been a victory like my second goal against Real Betis. It was even more beautiful,” he said.

The Galician recognized that this “strong emergence” was not expected and wanted to thank the two coaches he had during this season for their trust. “I did not expect such a strong emergence, but the fact that I have shown this level is due to the confidence of the two coaches I had this year,” he pointed out.

Finally, Veiga highlighted the good moment of Celta and its good run of results. “Since the World Cup break there has been a clear improvement in the team. In the last four or five games we are among the teams that have the most points. The objective is to maintain the category and then we will see if we can dream, but with our feet on the ground. ground,” he concluded.