Fuenlabrada denounces an “extortion” that affects Thebes

Fuenlabrada issued an official statement on Wednesday night in which it denounced “extortion”, after a media outlet relate the Madrid club with the president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas. In this information, OkDiario reveals several emails sent by the sports director of Fuenlabrada, Miguel Melgar, with a copy to Tebas and that, supposedly, the good governance rules that prevail in the employer's association would be broken, since no manager can have particular interests with no first and second professional club.

The Fuenlabrada statement is as follows:

“Given the information published by OKDiario with emails with private and internal communications from CF Fuenlabrada SAD, we must point out:

one) That the real recipient of all communications between the presidency, sports management and legal advice of CF Fuenlabrada SAD is always Javier Tebas Llanas, external lawyer of the Club.

two) That the Club is being the victim of a very serious extortion which includes hacking of devices, disclosure of private conversations, manipulation and deception.

3) That we have immediately informed the Police about this extortion situation illegal, requesting immediate action. “

The media to which Fuenlabrada refers in its statement has been publishing in recent weeks several information in which it relates Tebas with Fuenlabrada, where his son Javier Tebas Llanas also works. Information that suggests illegalities and a justification for why the president of LaLiga has always defended Fuenlabrada in the case that he starred in on the last day of last season; a matter that is currently in the hands of the Prosecutor's Office.

Tebas explained this matter to the clubs in the last Assembly, even though they had not been asked to do so, acknowledging that he advised Fuenlabrada as a lawyer when he was in 2nd B but that, as soon as he was promoted, he resigned from these jobs as established by the rules and does not vote or express his opinion in the meetings in everything related to Fuenlabrada since his son continues to provide his services to the entity and there could be a conflict of interest. Thebes, as has happened previously, replied on Twitter to the journalist who signs the news of the controversy: I have never received the emails published by OKdiario, dBelow the name of those emails is my son's address, it is evident that there is a hack of emails from Fuenlabrada, and a manipulation of them and the news I will finish with this #criminal organization. DYou must tell the account hacker (AG) to pass you the email threads, what do they correspond to, what do they treat etc etc. For a long time you have been the “media arm” of the criminal organization that seeks to eliminate those who do not like them. “