From Terelu Campos to Alejandra Prat or Bárbara Rey: they all bid farewell to the great Laura Valenzuela

The first presenter died this Friday at the age of 92 after spending a week admitted to the La Princesa d Madrid hospital. Her death has caused consternation in the television world, where Laura Valenzuela she was very loved and admired: “A benchmark for television in our country has left, Laura is part of history and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to share many moments with her,” she said. Terelu Campos in tears.

very friendly with Lara DibildosTerelu has added: “Lara has gone through very difficult times in which she has suffered as a daughter because in the end, seeing the deterioration… we cannot avoid old age and deterioration”.

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Other friends and acquaintances of Laura Valenzuela have wanted to dedicate nice words to her, such as the journalist Manuel Campo Vidal: “She is a lady who had been everything on television, at that time she was called the girlfriend of Spain, and yet she was an absolutely simple person. She was a modern woman and she was the first modern woman to exhibit herself as a model of reference that the woman in Spain did not have to be subject to her husband”.

Jose Manuel Parada He worked with her for years: “I adored her, as a child I saw and wanted to be Laura Valenzuela. We had a very good friendship. She was a charming woman, she did everything well.”

Barbara Rey He has also intervened live to tell some anecdotes about Valenzuela: “It’s a very sad day, I respect her enormously. My third last name is Valenzuela and they told me to use it as an artistic name, but I didn’t want to because Valenzuela only had one”, he has remembered. “She was so generous that she told me that she didn’t care, that she was going to retire soon and that I could use it.”

She has been especially excited Alejandra Pratwho met Laura when she was very young, when her father, Joaquín Prat, took her to the RTVE sets that he shared with Valenzuela: “She had magic. They were two great professionals who always respected each other and helped each other grow It makes me very sad because it’s like ending an era. It broke my heart to see his daughter, Lara,” he said.

Susana Uribarri he also knew her from her earliest childhood: “My father loved her very much and we will always remember her. He will be waiting for her with open arms. She was a great professional and a terrific mother.”

On social networks, friends and followers have also paid their particular tribute to her.