from his connections with the Royal House to his friendship with Florentino Pérez

Juan Miguel Villar Mirthe founder and honorary president of Grupo Villar Mir (GVM) has passed away at the age of 92. The businessman transcends as a key player in the development of Spain in the last 50 years. However, discreet in character and image, his personality goes much further: from being one of the most important businessmen in the Spanish economy to his connections with the Royal House.

Married to Silvia de Fuentes and father of three children (Juan, Silvia and Álvaro), Mir maintained close ties with the kings. He was economic vice president and finance minister in the first government of the Monarchy, during the time of the Emeritus King, but he barely managed to remain in office for six months. It was then, when The businessman begins to forge a friendship with the then King Juan Carlos I and the germ of his ties with the Royal House.

They were united by their vision of Spain, the Monarchy and their love of sailing in the Balearic waters on their luxurious yachts. A friendship that their children would continue years later, as their youngest daughter and also the most renowned, Silviabecame close to the princesses. However, their relationship would begin earlier than they thought.

His daughter Silvia married the businessman Javier López Madrid in September 1990 in Sotogrande, who met Felipe VI at the Santa María de los Rosales school from primary school and ended up being considered Queen Letizia’s ‘yogi buddy’. Furthermore, During the courtship of the then princes, López Madrid hosted the current monarchs on several occasions. Thus, Letizia became very close to Silvia Villar Mir, to whose home she went to do yoga with the businessman’s daughter. Even when López Madrid’s brother died, we were able to see the Infantas supporting Silvia and the businessman at the same funeral.

Although beyond the links between the businessman’s daughter and the monarchs, Juan Miguel himself maintained a certain level of trust with the royal family. The businessman was involved in various corruption cases, linked to the scandals of the Madrid PP: the Bárcenas papers, the Púbica case, the Lezo case, where he had the direct support of the kings.

Furthermore, his business dealings also linked him to the Royal Family. Of the many foundations in which he had stakes, he is a member, through the Villar Mir Foundation, of the board of trustees of the Princess of Asturias Foundation, currently chaired by Princess Leonor.

Of course, his great economic power would also link him with other illustrious figures of high fortune. His construction empire made him compete with another of the most powerful entities: ACS, owned by Florentino Perezwith whom he ended up maintaining a close friendship.