After debuting in the Champions League against Bayern Munich at the Camp Nou and losing 3-0, fulfilling most of the predictions of the Catalans fans, Koeman and Gerard Piqué reached the same conclusion: “it is what there is”. The victory of the Germans, who in third gear gave the impression of having the game under control at all times and who never felt threatened by Barça, certifies that Barça's decline in Europe continues.

The Blaugrana team, as reported from his Twitter account @MrChip He completed a match for the first time without a single shot on goal for the first time in UEFA Champions League history. It was also the first time that Barcelona lost their first game in the top competition, debuting at the Camp Nou.

Two worrying data in themselves that become critical if we add that the drift of the Barcelona team in Europe is staining with bullets that They have taken him from being a team that nobody wanted to see to being a pimpampum doll.

As if that were not enough, before the defeats came in the final stages of the competition, but for some time now, they can already occur in the group stage. Since the last Champions League in Berlin was lifted against Juventus, Barça have lost in Rome 3-0, in Paris 4-0, in Turin 3-0, in Liverpool 4-0, in Lisbon against Bayern 2-8, at the Camp Nou against Juve 0-3 and against PSG on the same stage for the same result that was repeated on Tuesday against the Bavarian team.

Someone could attribute this disastrous trend to the decapitalization of the team, which has been letting its main figures such as Messi, Neymar, Griezmann or Luis Suárez go, but The truth is that the problem goes much further because all these stars were present in the field in most of these disasters. It is more a question of renewal than nostalgia.

It is true that in view of Bayern Munich, not even the most optimistic fans of Barcelona expected a rematch of the Lisbon spanking and most were betting on a dignified defeat or competing in the match and then that the god of football would mark the result of the match.

More or less an approach that was summed up at the end of the game in a harsh exercise of reality by the captain / team spokesman Gerard Piqué and the coach who summarized the situation by pronouncing a laconic “is what there is” which portrays a once fearsome team that now travels across Europe in third gear hoping they won't be kicked off the train too soon.

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