This Friday, Laura Valenzuela He passed away at the age of 92. The unforgettable presenter, actress and model left at the La Princesa hospital in Madrid, where she had been hospitalized for several days due to an infection that unfortunately she has not been able to overcome. Without leaving her side for a single moment, her daughter Lara Dibildos It has been your great support during all these days.

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On the morning of this Saturday, Lara left the family home to go to the funeral home and say goodbye to her mother. Very emotional and in rigorous mourning, the actress once again thanked the media for the support they are receiving at this painful moment in her life.

As it could not be otherwise, the San Isidro funeral home has been filled with familiar faces to bid farewell and honor one of the great communicators we have had in our country. Maria Angeles Sanz y Rafi Camino They were among the first to arrive. It must be remembered that the bullfighter was the first sentimental relationship that Lara had and, as is customary in her family, despite the fact that her love did not work out, they have always enjoyed a good relationship.

Anna Barrachinadaughter of Alvaro Muñoz Escassi, also wanted to be there today. This Friday she was seen at the funeral home to support Lara and her entire family, as well as throughout the week we have been able to see her at the hospital. Laura Valenzuela welcomed her from the first moment, so much so that he lived with her for a while.

From her daughter to her father. The rider has appeared at the funeral home with his girlfriend, Maria Jose Suarez, to be next to his ex-partner and mother of his son. With a serious face, both avoided talking to the press and quickly went inside the funeral home. In addition, they have also approached Andrea Bronston, Rosa Valenta, Tamara Beanie, Enrique Cornejo, Manuel Galiana, Carmen Morales, snow blacksmith, Ramon Garcia, Junal Rivero o Ana Escribano.

“I wanted to thank you for the respect and affection that you have had all your life, she has earned it too,” said Lara Dibildos, through tears and barely able to speak. “She has gone quietly and is now resting in peace,” added the daughter of the eternal presenter.