The link between the Sálvame talk show host and the model Marta López Álamo has brought together a good number of familiar faces, many of them battle partners at Mediaset. No one wanted to miss the great day of Kiko Matamoros, who at 66 has married for the third time: “It was worth it, it was very nice”, he said excitedly.

among the companions of Save me gifts Chelo Garcia-Cortes y Antonio Montero and Alonso Caparros (with Angélica Delgado): “The ceremony was very sober, beautiful and emotional. There was music with an organ and a fantastic singer. There were tears of emotion”, he said. In addition, she has told the anecdote of the moment: “Diego was indisposed and arrived late, so what he had to read he began to read Laura, his sister, and he just arrived and finished his speech “. It was not the only speech: “Alejandra Rubio has also spoken, Rosa, Marta’s mother and Kiko’s aunt.”

The reporter Jose Antonio Leonhas come with his wife, Rocío.

We have also seen other faces known as Alexandra Rubio. Terelu’s daughter, at the gates of the church, has revealed that she has been talking all day with Marta López Álamo. They are great friends.

Ion Aramendinetwork partner and former reporter for Save mehas gone to the ceremony accompanied by his wife, María Amores.

Friends like nuria marin, martha castro (close to Laura Matamoros) and Maria de Mora have completed the list, as well as some of the companions with whom Matamoros shared the adventure of survivors: Alejandro Nieto, Tania y Ana Luque.