Surreal. This is how we qualify the confession that makoke has done this sunday in Fiesta: received a call from froilan from Abu Dhabi. The ex-wife of Kiko Matamoros He assures that although they are not close friends, he has coincided on several occasions with the grandson of the emeritus king.

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Hence, the brother of Victoria Federica be confident enough to contact her and ask her questions. “I’ve had a private conversation. It’s been super natural and easy, very vulnerable,” she explains.

“He had a doubt, he had a question, and I resolved it for him,” adds the mother of Anita Matamoroswho does not want to reveal the content of that conversation with the nephew of Philip VI. What she has said is that she is very angry with the person on the team that she has told this to and that she has decided to tell the program.

“They have betrayed me because I told a person here to resolve his doubt, I told him ‘do you know anything about this?’ and then I told him why he was saying anything. I didn’t want it to come out because it wasn’t anything important,” says Makoke.

On the other hand, the format that presents Emma Garcia has revealed that the Infanta Elena will travel shortly to the capital of the United Arab Emirates to see the apartment where her son has settled. how we publishFroilán is living the high life in a building with views of the sea, swimming pool, gym and 24-hour security provided by the oil company for which he works.