The most wayward grandson of the emeritus returns home and not just for Christmas. After spending a few months in England doing an internship, froilan He has returned to Madrid to reflect on his professional future. The young man has settled back in his mother’s house, the infanta elenawhich has just ‘released’ it after carrying out a comprehensive reform.

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The close circle of the family affirms And now Sonsoles that Froilán, who has just turned 24, has matured a lot in recent months and is willing to settle down and set an example. He does not want to be the focus of attention again and less of nightly controversies: “He wants to settle down and have a low-key life. He’s done a 180-degree turn,” They have said.

We’ll see if he succeeds, because the last time Froilán made headlines was only a month ago, when He starred in a fight in a well-known nightclub in the center of Madrid. The row occurred at 5 in the morning, when King Felipe VI’s nephew was enjoying the night in one of the private boxes with a friend and saw that they were being recorded with a mobile phone. Froilán demanded the device, they refused and got into a tremendous discussion while the girl tried to reassure her royal companion.

As we said, Froilán requested a transfer to London in 2020 to do an internship in an important company linked to Kyril from Bulgaria, a great friend of the Spanish royal family. During his stay in England, he lived with a fellow student in a flat located in one of the best residential areas of London. His adventure was cut short by the Covid, which forced him to return to Spain and spend confinement in the apartment of his sister Victoria de him and Jorge Bárcenas. He resumed his internship at the end of this summer and now that he is about to graduate in Business Administration from CIS: The College for International Studies, he returns to Spain to carefully plan the next steps for his future career.