Froilán puts on flamenco in Madrid: this was the last party of the ‘enfant terrible’

while her sister Victoria Federica I was packing my bags to enjoy a winter getaway to Andorra, the son of the infanta elena He enjoyed the December bridge without leaving home. froilan He took advantage of the days off to meet up with his friends and visit a well-known flamenco venue in the center of Madrid, with a tablao and a live show.

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This time, luckily, there were no altercations or controversies, just a group of kids having fun in the purest Andalusian style. Despite the decoration and the flamenco atmosphere of the place, Froilán spent the whole night wearing his sweatshirt and cap, the usual ‘uniform’ with which he tries to go unnoticed on the street.

The Marichalar brothers have turned the tables for months. Now it is Victoria Federica and her new life of parties and paid trips that are taking away her parents’ sleep while Froilán, known as the ‘enfant terrible’ of Casa Real, tries to settle down. This is what his closest circle affirms: “He wants to have a discreet life. He has made a 180 degree turn.”

Froilán has returned to settle in Spain after spending a few months in London. He requested the transfer to England in 2020 to do an internship in an important company linked to Kyril from Bulgaria, a great friend of the Spanish royal family. During his stay, he lived with a fellow student in a flat located in one of the best residential areas of London. His adventure was cut short by Covid, which forced him to return to Spain and spend confinement in the apartment of his sister Victoria and Jorge Bárcenas, his boyfriend at the time. He resumed his internship at the end of this summer and now that he is about to graduate in Business Administration from CIS: The College for International Studies, he has returned to Spain to carefully plan the next steps for his future career.