Recently, the French Open director Guy Forget happens to mention something that will surely interest every fan and enthusiast. He reveals that he is currently working together with the tennis authorities to make sure that the French Open and U.S. Open do not clash. Yes, they are making sure that the dates of the claycourt Grand Slam tournament and U.S. Open will not overlap one another. He also mentions that Flushing Meadows will be making an announcement for the same in the next arriving month.

French Open and U.S. Open Dates Will Not Clash

It was such a relief to know that the French Open happens to be starting on Sunday. But the organizers have to postpone the launch schedule due to the outburst of deadly Coronavirus. As of now, the organizers did decide the French Open to start on 20 September which is one week after the schedule of U.S. Open finals. It is surely providing a debate topic to the fans and followers that may lead to criticism within the tennis world.

Earlier this month, the French Tennis Federation mentions that the talk is on with the ATP, WTA, and ITF (International Tennis Federation). Yes, it was in talks about the revised calendar for the season that will entertain thousands of fans and viewers.

Guy Forget informs French Radio Europe 1 on Saturday about an important detail. He says, “The official announcement has not been made yet. It (the French Open) will probably be between the end of September and the beginning of October. We’ve been working closely with the ATP, the WTA and the ITF to make a global announcement on what the circuit will be like until the end of the year”.

Forget continues, “There are so many question marks. The city of New York is more affected by coronavirus than France. They also have a lot of organization problems, they will make an announcement mid-June to say how it’s going to be like for the U.S. Open”.

So there are possibilities of changing the schedule for both, French Open and U.S. Open tournaments according to the situation in the upcoming days.


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