“I I was ashamed to show my interior, but at the same time I found the strength to try to break the cliche that football players do not have concerns … such as literature “. On the phone, 3,660 kilometers away from Ukraine, a wandering scorer and above all a fearless guy. Fran Sol (Madrid, 13-3-1992) did not suffer from the testicular cancer that happened in 2017 or now, about to end the season at Dynamo of Kiev, a major challenge, jump from goals to literature.

He Vicálvaro forward just published his first novel, Madrid 2035 (Red Dot Books), 140 pages where it wraps with the varnish of fiction (tells the story of a tennis player who suffers from a mysterious disease) some of his experiences and reflections more personal.

“It is fiction, but there is a lot of mine in those pages, the protagonist's illness is an analogy of what happened to me …”

Fran Sol

“I always walk taking notes, for years, “he explains to AS.” As they assault me I write them directly on the phone, but I had never dared to turn them into a book. “He found courage in a dark moment.” last summer I was having a bad time at Dynamo due to injuries, there I started to shape those texts. It is fiction, but people who know me know that hoh my so much in those pages, it is evident that the protagonist's illness is an analogy to what happened to me … “. Madrid 2035 It was completed in 2019. In December, specifically. No help, but as Fran explains, chasing a concrete trail: “I am self-taught and inspire me in my Favorite authors, Paulo Coelho and JJ Benítez, there's a lot of both in my novel. “

The COVID-19 has prevented for the moment the go on from his first work but Fran has found the encouragement of those who have been able to read it, guild mates (soccer) included. He former Madrid player, member of an unrepeatable generation of Factory white (Carvajal, Morata, Rodrigo, Lucas Vázquez...) He sent it to his great friend in Valdebebas: Pablo Sarabia. “He called me to say he loved it,” confesses the Dinamo striker.

“There are colleagues who prefer to watch Fortnite videos, I prefer the feeling of having a book in hand”

Fran Sol

Fran Sol is not a regular footballer and combat actively popular belief that books don't go through the locker room doors. “It's a shame but partly the topicazo it's true the Most footballers have not read a book in his life, Messi himself declared it at his trial with the Treasury, “he asserts.” companions who prefer to watch videos of people playing Fortnite, I prefer the feeling of having a book in hand“So much so that the friends and family who come to visit him from Spain have to make room for him in the suitcases.” I always do literary commissions for them, “he admits with a laugh.

Instead of dribbles, phrases, looking for the square to the ideal phrase. A new world for Madrid It does not replace, yes, the ball. Hoping for return to spanish football someday after his successful passage through the Dutch Willem II and this experience in Ukraine, Fran Sol wants do it your way. Like your novel. “I came to Dinamo through the big door and I don't want to go out the back door …”. He has many chapters ahead of him.

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