When it comes to the multimillion-dollar losses of the big football clubs due to the pandemic, it doesn't hurt to look at how their owners' pockets are doing. In the case of Chelsea, the crisis does not go with its owner, Roman Abramovich, who spends and spends like if tomorrow does not exist.

Chelsea Shield / Flag

Last summer with clubs like him Real Madrid looking at every euro that came out of his accounts, the Russian tycoon stormed the market. He not only collects figures for his favorite hobby, Chelsea, where less than a year ago he pulled his checkbook to invest 250 million. He gave the failed Frank Lampard project Havertz signings (Bayer Leverkusen), Timo Werner (RB Leipzig), Ziyech (Ajax) … and also has had time to go to a shipyard to manufacture another toy plus: a new super luxury yacht, by name Solaris (like the influential classic Polish science fiction novel in the USSR), with 140 meters in length and a final cost that is going to 500 million. A marine giant.

With Abramovich you could play Sink the float in real life because Solaris It is the fifth megayacht that adds to its heritage. It is not even the largest it owns. In 2010 another was built, Eclipse, the second largest on the planet (162 meters).

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

Fifteen billion and Putin's shadow

The Chelsea's total debt is 465 million euros and curiously, it officially admitted a profit of € 42M in 2020 despite the coronavirus. Minutes for Abramovich's finances, calculated by Forbes in 15,000 million euros, that after his encounter with the Government of the United Kingdom over the matter of his visa in 2018, adopted Israeli nationality. Political issues that led him to receive harsh criticism in the British press, where he was accused of being Putin's 'trunk' … and of buying him a yacht. Abramovich he complained against three media and beat them.

Roman Abramovich, in a match at Stamford Bridge.

It seems that Abramovich, that delegates what is cooked in Stamford Bridge in the hands of Marina Granovskaia, the Iron lady Chelsea has reappeared in the club's social life. He broke his usual silence when he fired Lampard (“He is a Chelsea icon and will always be warmly welcomed here,” he officially commented) and has taken the loudspeaker to report antisemitism on the English football fields and the racist attacks on social networks that his footballer Reece James received.

He wants to get back that Chelsea gaston with Mourinho who shattered transfer records. Although it has 12 players on loan from Europe, this summer it will go to the market. To get started, Check out your options with Haaland, which will cost a lot, but less than a yacht …

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