Fabio Fognini is one of the tennis players who has no qualms about saying everything he thinks about himself and about the circuit. ‘Fogna’ gave an interview to the Italian radio RTL in which he reviewed his career and where he also took the opportunity to throw a dart at his compatriot Jannik Sinner and the critics with him.

Fognini believes that, despite being near the end of his career, he is satisfied with his achievements on the circuit. “If I look back, I see that I am almost at the end of my career. But if I have to take stock, I think I have achieved 90% of my dreams”. However, he is cautious when assessing whether a young Italian tennis player can become one of the greats. “I am not the one to say if the young talents of Italian tennis are going to be great. I always say that the more Italian tennis players there are, the better. I am already ‘the grandfather’. At the international level, several tennis players have been noticed and I think they will be even more noticed in the coming years. “

The Italian also criticized compatriot Jannik Sinner for his decision not to attend the Tokyo Olympics. “In my career I have made many mistakes and when I have I have always asked for forgiveness. It is also true that I always say what I think, for better or for worse. For me Sinner was wrong by not attending the Tokyo Olympics. They make a decision and then it has its consequences. And I think he has a team that advised him to do it and he did. “

Fognini also had to face the question about his angry reactions during the matches and took the opportunity to send a message to journalists and critics with him. “At 34 I don’t mind being criticized for my reactions. I always say that whoever knows me knows me. During matches I transform because I try to do my best and if I don’t succeed, I get angry. Journalists have a strong power, that of paper and pen, which has always prevailed. But I don’t want to get into controversy anymore and I don’t have time to continue discussing that shit. “

Finally ‘Fogna’ analyzed his current form and ensures that he still wants to continue enjoying himself on the track. “I still see myself playing tennis. On the tour of the United States I confirmed that my level of play is there, and that I am physically well and can play. Ranking is no longer a main objective. The results give me strength because I know that I can achieve them. I have no goals in terms of ranking or future results, I just want to play again and achieve victories before saying goodbye. “