Fabio Fognini continues to defend his innocence after the episode he starred in during his match against Bernabé Zapata at the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell, where he was disqualified for allegedly insulting a linesman present at the game.

In an interview with the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, the Italian tennis player claimed that he did not insult anyone and that he was talking to himself at the time. “I did not insult the linesman during my match with Zapata. I was frustrated, angry, I was talking to myself. I swear to you on my children, which is what I love the most in the world.”

Fognini believes that what happened seriously affects his image on the circuit (his sponsor Babolat has already caught his attention for what happened) and has demanded an apology from the ATP, or else he will ask the circuit for a significant compensation. “What happened spoils my image, and leaves me very bad with my sponsors. I demand an apology for the error. If my appeal is rejected, I will put the matter in the hands of my lawyer and ask the ATP for compensation for very serious damages to me. picture”.

Fognini himself assumes that, throughout his career, he has made numerous mistakes during matches but said that this time he is right. “I have always admitted that I have done bullshit but this time I am right and I will go to the end. I was denied that I could meet with the linesman and we could have cleared up the misunderstanding there. I have not said any bad words in English in my life! This can't end like this. I am still in the top 30 of the ranking, I feel good physically and I have a lot of tennis to give “.


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