7-5 and 6-1 for the Kazakh Elena Rybakina. “If he has played very well”, Said Garbiñe Muguruza, who thus saw his Olympic dream dissolve in the Ariake center in Tokyo. “For me the balance is good. In the end in the Games the sad thing is that if you don't reach the semifinals or final and you don't compete for a medal, it's as if nothing happened. That's the pity, the truth is that I'm annoyed”, The Spanish said, a firm medal option is diluted at the gates of the semifinals, in the quarterfinals.

Garbiñe, who played in the afternoon and did not get all the heat, stood up to Rybakina in the first set. Equality, until the break in game 11 of the eastern player. In the second heat, fatigue came. Muguruza could not compete excessively, Rybakina was a cyclone that took the games unstoppably. The Spanish could not do anything and thus said goodbye to the Games.

Garbiñe Muguruza remains in the quarterfinals, in the same round in which she was dropped in Rio 2016, in the quarterfinals (Mónica Puig won), one step away from fighting for the medals.

I found myself more exhausted. Also since yesterday, because three hours had passed between one game and another “, Garbiñe analyzed, who dares with a proposal for the Olympic tournament. “Some Games at the end are two weeks, it could be done like a Grand Slam and put days off.”

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Elena Rybakina beat Muguruza.

Some very emotional Games

Muguruza also competed in Tokyo in doubles with Carla Suárez, a playing couple with an emotional component due to the history of the Canary Islands: “The Games is a tournament that is emotionally charged, either by your teammates, by Carla, for the atmosphere … “.

With the withdrawal in rooms of Badosa due to heat stroke and the elimination now of Muguruza, Spanish women's tennis is already running out of medal options at the Tokyo Games. In the men's box, Pablo Carreño survives, who is in the quarterfinals.

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