After the debacle of the PSOE in the municipal and regional elections of 28M, Pedro Sanchez surprised by advancing the general elections to midsummer, to July 23. The left to the socialists has taken giant steps to join the political project of Yolanda Diazadd, and Macarena Peoplea former Vox deputy, has entered the equation by registering a new party to run at the polls, Caminando Juntos.

With this panorama, social networks have been filled with memes about it. Among all of them, some users have had a few words to Toni Cantówho left the Spanish Office in Madrid and the PP in Ayuso in September 2022. In his previous political stage, he was a prominent face of both UPyD and Ciudadanos.

For all this, Twitter has joked about it: “Macarena Olona has set up a political party. Toni Cantó, warm up that you go out”, “Toni Cantó is already ready to go see Macarena Olona in search of a charge” or “Toni Cantó He has already left a couple of messages on his voice mail”, some users have written.

In last Sunday’s elections, the PP wrested almost all regional power from the PSOE. This forced Pedro Sánchez to move to sign to try to save his presidency in the face of the generals.